We all want to stand out from the crowd, be a little different, become unique. Studies are showing that over 40% of all American adults have at least one tattoo. This means that while a long time ago having a tattoo was considered radical, nowadays it is the norm. The downside is that selecting unique tattoo ideas for men has become more difficult, most of the designs seem to have been overused.

One of the advantages of tattoos becoming ‘mainstream’ is that there are now thousands, probably tens of thousands, or tattoo parlors in America alone. While our parents and grandparents had difficulties finding a good tattoo artist, there is a tattoo parlor almost on every street corner these days. This increased competition has led to artists becoming more creative and creating more bold and unique tattoo designs.

Here are some of the latest tattoo trends for men that are guaranteed to stand out from the sea of regular often generic tattoo designs that we see all around us these days.


The process of inking has come a long way. In ancient times, tattooists had to use crude needles to draw a tattoo, over the years though, new technology has been introduced to make this process easier. These technological advances now enable artists to draw almost picture perfect tattoos. These are called photo realistic tattoos. The picture can be of a spouse, parent (usually mommy), child or just a beautiful pin up girl. Photo realistic tattoos are drawn with such a fine attention to small details that they resemble actual photographs. These tattoos are not yet commonplace (mostly due to the cost, so start saving early) so they really stand out. Of you want to impress, this is the way to go.


Most people believe these genre of tattoos was inspired by a scene in the iconic film ‘aliens’ when the skin ripped off one of the aliens to reveal a metal interior with mechanical circuits and wires. Somehow similar to the photo realistic tattoos due to the fine attention to details, the tattoo artist recreates an image that seems to show torn flesh exposing a robot like skeleton complete with the wires and circuits. This design works best on areas with a lot of muscle (biceps, thigh, calf or forearm). The size of the tattoo depends on your sense of adventure and they range from small tattoos to massive designs that cover entire limbs (for the really bold customers, even multiple limbs, or the entire body). If executed properly, the result is simply mind-blowing.


While biker tattoos are not exactly new, tattoo artists have injected a modern touch to existing designs to create awesome new tattoo designs. Biker tattoos have been a favorite design for men over the years, most men at some point in their youth secretly wanted to be bikers; sadly we don’t live in a perfect world so the closest most get to this dream is by getting a biker tattoo. While the traditional biker tattoos were mostly done in black and gray, modern tattoos infuse a bit of color that give the tattoos a whole new character. The designs still remain largely unchanged, with skulls, daggers, and skeletons featuring prominently.


When the popularity of body art or the simply called by many as skin tattoo arises, it knows no bounds and limits in age and even gender. As a matter of fact, a certain survey reveals that the average of women etching tattoos on their skin rises more than those of men. Regardless of the pain that one may undergo during tattoo sessions, women have painstakingly bear this agony in order to achieve something that’s worth a self contentment or simply to prove that this art called tattooing is attainable by all gender.

Basically, if a woman inspires to have a tattoo design etched on a certain part of her body, she would likely choose simple and common designs such as flowers of all sorts to show her femininity, the religious design to display her deep devotion to God or name designs such as her own name or the name of significant others.

But as this fascinating kind of art evolves and reached far beyond the limits of popularity, millions of designs and ideas have came to rise and shine. One of such famous designs is the quote tattoo designs. And since women has their own individuality and femininity, a very special tattoo ideas for women quotes are now available and can be chosen from various tattoo kiosks that are spreading in all corners of the world.
Some women are showy and want a tattoo etch on conspicuous part of the body while others may just prefer to be hidden in the inner part such as the belly, back or chest. The most common tattoo ideas for women quotes are those that speak about love, strength and success. Some prefers quotes that simply speak her mind and individuality. Whatever tattoo designs or ideas she may settle with, it absolutely and for sure speaks that she is a woman of character.

All around the world, tattoo has been a part of the rich tradition of people even in ancient times. Ancestors long ago use symbolism to design on their body tattoo. The most common symbol that had been a tradition is the sun. It represents life and light. It depicts as the giver of light and energy to sustain life and to make every living organisms grow. The sun symbolizes truth that gives life the right direction and the light during hardest and darkest trials of life.
There are several sun designs,and the one that became very famous and popular is the tribal sun designs. This kind of design has been popularized by the Japanese, the Chinese and the Hindus. And on the later part, it has become a tattoo craze all across the globe. What is also fascinating about this tribal sun tattoo designs is that it can be designed and patterned in various sizes and colors depending on every tattoo enthusiast’s choice.
Since this design is very symbolic and one meaning is being a light, most friendship bonds use this design to symbolize the significant of their friends as the light to their life. Aside from that there are over a hundreds of exotic tribal sun designs that can be flawless for both men and women. The tribal sun designs and patterns are usually a combination of vivid lines and swirls of the tribal art with the marking of a sun.
One must be very meticulous in choosing a design since this tribal sun design is very symbolic and meaningful, so you must be aware of the meaning of your choice of design. But if your reason is purely for decoration, then it’s all right not to bother knowing what meaning does your tribal sun design holds. This design looks perfect on any placement of the body and can be utilize by both men and women.

Chinese are known for their rich culture and beliefs. They observe some traditional practices that bring forth life’s longevity, wealth and success. Many were even inspired by these traditions and some followed their practices most especially the famous Feng Shui. They believe that observing this culture will give life more abundance, good fortune prosperity and good health. And it’s not only the Feng Shui tradition that Chinese are renown of, there’s also the Zodiac Sign that are regarded by people as their guiding principle for life’s fortune and success.

As a matter of fact many homes and businesses followed a Feng Shui tradition, and it indeed served them good. Chinese symbolism has not only limits in homes and businesses, it also paves its way to fashion and art. Most adornments such as jewelries and other body accessories were inspired with famous fascinating Chinese characters. And even human favored Chinese characters and symbols to be tattooed on their bodies. And as the art in body painting evolved many tattoo artists advance their expertise in this field and created many beautiful designs including the mystical Chinese letter tattoos that depict the good life.

But before settling with the Chinese symbols to be the design for your tattoo, you should first consult to expert in Chinese characters and symbols for clarity. There are myriads of popular Chinese phrases and words that symbolize happiness, strength, peace and love. And because of its popularity you may sometimes find that some designs are not unique because many had it done already on their skin. But don’t fret as long as you are comfortable and confident of your choice it really depends on the individual if how he treats his tattoo.

Here are some other Chinese letter tattoos that you find so tempting and convincing to do on your skin. There is the Chinese character tattoo design that varies from single, to double and up to 3 and 4 characters. There are Chinese symbols for astrology or the zodiac signs, characters for your name, symbol for love and proverbs. There are also number and occupation symbols and there symbol for spirituality, role in the family, relationship and the exceptional and famous dragon that brings the good life.

People preferred printing their bodies with tattoos for various reasons. Some favored this art to adorn their bodies or sometimes to cover skin discolorations. While others have it to be identified as part of some social or religious group and some may have been forcibly tattooed like prisoners. And as we hang ourselves to the perception that only men are notable enough to have tattoos, the truth is recent survey showed that there are more women who have their skin tattooed compared to men.
Nowadays girls are making tattoos a part of their fashion statement. And this fad has indeed made a beautiful entrance in the fashion and beauty industry. There are now tattoos for eyebrows, eyelids and even the lips for synthetic beautiful appearance. As a matter of fact, many famous female celebrities have tattoos to enhance the beauty of their face and art tattoos in their skins to give them adornment. This trend had even gained more popularity through the filming and releasing of the motion picture “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Many young girls and even older ones were inspired to have tattoos designed on their skin.
Along with this, many tattoo artists have also coped up with the demand for this fashionable body art. And with the help of technology advancement, modern machines have been engineered and emerged to give this kind of art more intricate and aesthetic designs. Such as the amazing and realistic 3D tattoos for girls. This type of tattoo designing involved shadowing which makes the object of the tattoo looks very lifelike, lively and rich in color.
Among the most popular 3d tattoo designs for girls are the spider and the butterfly designs. There are also star, flower and koi fish designs. Whether on the wrist, foot, chest or any body part you want your desired design tattooed, always remember to choose the 3d design to make your tattoo looks realistic, amazing and unique.

Foreign alphabetical characters in tattooing have become very famous around the globe. Most of these are popularized by famous Hollywood celebrities and music artists. Having a tattoo on ones skin gives them a sense of belongingness to their human entity. But some tattoo designs like foreign character designs might be so disgusting sometimes because you need to be accurate of the meaning of the symbols and characters.
Among the famous foreign characters tattoo designs that have almost the same and near meaning are the Chinese characters tattoo designs and the Kanji tattoo designs. It is recommended that before having this foreign characters tattooed on the skin one must scout for the absolute and exact meaning of the characters. These two foreign characters are sometimes so confusing so consult only the expert in deciphering these characters. In this way you can achieve a perfectly outrageous Japanese Kanji tattoo designs that’s worth the cost.
There are many Kanji Tattoos that you can adorn your body. You can have your name in Kanji form and tattoo it on your skin. There are also basic Kanji characters if you want a unique definition of your personality for example you choose the word Beauty, the Kanji form Bi and transcribe it to Kanji characters that will be designed beautifully in your skin. You should have the expert to handle this job.
One must be fully aware before etching the Japanese Kanji tattoo that this foreign character has multiple meanings. Don’t try to experiment with the characters and create a nonsense phrases. You must have your tattoo done by a tattoo artist that is expert in Kanji calligraphy to give a perfect finish. Don’t be deceived of this fact, Chinese and Japanese Kanji may almost be the same in some parts but they are actually different. It is much more essential and favorable to consult a native Japanese speaker before settling down with the Japanese Kanji Tattoos.

One word tattoos are a good way to express oneself even without the need to explain to people, the message is received clearly. If one compares word tattoos to images, it is better because the y meaning will not need a lot of explanation for one to understand. When choosing such a tattoo, go for something that is meaningful because it is a lifetime mark. These words should express a heavy emotion on someone’s life that the best way to be expressed is by word. The most common words used decoration trademarks, names of people you value or even your own identity.

When doing such tattoos, it is important to have a good option for font and colors. A big font and bright colors like red will attract attention to a statement, or a simple black will look good especially on bright skin. The options are so many when it comes to color and font, but be sure it expresses one’s personality. Word tattoos may appear boring and plain if done alone. The best way to make it juicy is by adding a floral design or an art of a kind. There is also the option of tribal letters such as Arabic or Japanese which the trend now, that will look more impressive.

The negative side of lettering tattoo is that they are mostly done in small words unless one chooses a wide space of the body such as the forearm or the back. It sometimes can be invisible due to the use of a small font size making in an expression that will not deliver the message to other people. Therefore choose a size that will be seen after sometime of healing. Whichever lettering tattoo one goes for, always ensure it has a personal twist so as to stay unique and original to who you are.


Teens nowadays are becoming very peculiarly fashionable. They are always in style and always desire to look hip and trendy. Aside from the brilliant and intricate fashion jewelries and accessories, they are also eyeing on this beautiful body art called tattoo as part of their sassy fashion statement. Since young girls are pretty high-spirited and so bubbly there are now many cool tattoo designs that best fit their fresh aura and personality.

Most girls are very expressive in embellishing their body with fascinating adornment. So when it comes to tattoo girls would want a beautiful design etched in a conspicuous part of the body. Myriads of sassy girl tattoo designs are overflowing with brilliant and fabulous designs. The very popular design is the word or phrase design that is commonly printed on the wrist. The wrist is considered as one of the sexiest parts of the body where a tattoo design will be etched.

Pin up girls design has become popular also, but only those pin up designs that are not very vulgar. Such as poses of the famous Marilyn Monroe and some lovely images of girls in comic sketches with colorful backgrounds. Some girls prefer the angel or cherubs designs to show their innocence and sweetness. While other girls love also the colorful flowers and the cool birds design. Other girls are very artistic, they choose the aesthetic and intricate dragon and tribal tattoo designs.

Some simple girls prefer small designs of symbols and characters such as the shapes of the stars, the heart and religious icons. Other girls want to go showy of their interest and fondness of certain subjects such as the musical instrument icon and musical notes designs to display their music minded personality. Last but not the least, girls like it so much to etch names of their lovers and so they prefer the name tattoo designs.


One may say that having a tattoo is just for some show-off or fanatic reasons. But for some, having this kind of art in the body is like having principles of the path that they want to walk through. A tattoo for some, serves as a simple reminder of the teachings of their belief that they want to follow. The same is true with some Buddhist. They even have traditional tattooing that they regarded as a holy and sacred art. Even the Dalai Lama appreciated this kind of art and exclaimed it is very colorful.

There are some Buddhists who regarded tattoo as a sign of disrespect for the body. But Buddha himself teaches and speaks about not to give so much attachment and importance to the body because of its impermanent nature. Through this light many Buddhist have aspired to have tattoo designs mark on their body. Despite of the scornful nature with regard to their beliefs and religion, monks in Thailand have passionately practiced the art of tattooing.
For Buddhist monks in Thailand, tattoos and body markings have played a great role for their protection, identification and adornment to the body. Yet, for most Buddhist monks having tattoo is a disgrace and dirt to one’s body. In Sri Lanka, Buddhist monks despise the entry of a British national with Buddhist tattoos as it shows disrespect to their religion. But despite of all these issues concerning the Buddhist religion on their views of tattooing, many articulate individuals were inspired to have Buddhist tattoos designs on their body.

Here are some of the famous Buddhist tattoos that show deep spiritual values. One is the Tibetan tattoos which include the Lotus flower design, the Sanskrit design and the Om design. There are also variations of Buddha tattoos such as the Buddha’s eyes, Buddha’s empty throne, Buddha’s footprint tattoos and Buddha’s three jewels. There are so many beautiful Buddhist tattoos to be inspired of, just have them confidently tattooed on your body and show respect to it as it also speaks your religious entity.


For most highly fashionable and artistic women, being daring enough and have a sleeve tattoo on their body is an ultimate primadona. It is because of the fact that tattoo can augment more the sophistication and essence of a young and free spirited girl. As a matter of fact myriads of female famous Hollywood celebrities and female music artists have tried on getting a tattoo to speak more of their character and distinctive style.

In some instance, a sleeve tattoos for girls can also serve a beautiful purpose, the sleeve tattoo can hide away a skin discoloration. So if you have problems on your skin might as well remedy it in an artistic way by means of tattooing. Just choose the best design to serve the best purpose as well. There are some girls who prefer a full sleeve tattoo, while others just go for the half sleeve tattoos. Some like it on one arm while others love it with both arms having the sleeve designs.
There are actually a hundred and one ways to style up with the sleeve tattoos. And a wide array of captivating and fantastic sleeve tattoos for girls are already available in every tattoo kiosk of your choice. There are sleeve tattoo designs that portray only black color while some like it even more colorful that’s why there are also choices of flamboyant colors. There is an artistic vine and flower sleeve tattoo design. A matching of flowers and butterflies design would probably make girls look trendy and bubbly. And the Koi fish design is a way too cool and fresh for a lovely girl.

The tribal tattoo is always a superb and flawless choice of tattoo design. There is also rich and colorful scenery of the wild with cool and ferocious wild animals. There are also designs and images of not so vulgar pin up girls. The sleeve tattoos doesn’t only look masculine for men it also is so feminine with girls.