Brazilian Ex-President Will Not Stop Talking About the Covid-19 Pandemic

The ex-president of the South American Nation of Brazil is very critical of his nation’s ability to handle the health crisis that is currently plaguing the country. As a result, Lulu is calling on the United States president to take drastic measures from a global stance in addressing the situation.


Lulu Calls on the Current United States President to Act Fast and with Precision

The past president of Brazil is calling on world leaders like President Joe Biden to take up the responsibility of addressing the Covid-19 virus once and for all. This is in light of the statement said in an interview when he expressed the need for an urgent G-20 meeting.

He stressed the need for a global and formidable approach towards handling the adverse effects of this pandemic that is making Brazil fall apart in particular. Lulu stressed that the urgent G-20 meeting should only revolve around handling the pandemic and well-to-do nations helping struggling nations with vaccines.

Lulu explained that the United States will end up with more vaccines than they can use and need to extend a friendly and helping hand to nations like Brazil and poorer nations that cannot afford to sponsor an effective vaccination program.


What International Relations Experts Are Saying

A resource person while commending the initiative by Lulu explained that “things are more complicated than how they appear on the surface level. While Nations like America must rise to the occasion by helping other countries, we must understand that they have a lot on their plate”.

In reiterating this stance, another international relations expert explained that “the United States has more internal troubles than it can deal with at the moment. But despite this, it is trying to play the role of a world leader by rendering assistance as much as possible. Let’s not forget that the White House has promised their Northern and Southern Neighbors – Canada and Mexico a large chunk of their AstraZeneca Vaccine”.


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