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Here's everything you need to know about the average price of your air conditioner in Saskatoon:

When it comes to the pricing of the AC repair and maintenance services in Saskatoon area, the prices are determined by various factors. One thing that customers should know is that the unit replacement services for an older one are entirely different as opposed to repair. Some of the factors that count in this job include the lifespan of the devices, the efficiency and also its cost. So, how much are you expected to pay for an AC?

The cost of new central AC unit.

Saskatoon is well known for the different weather changes, and when it comes to the summer season, every home must have an AC that is functioning well. So, to make sure that the device does not inconvenience you during such times. Do research earlier on while the current AC is still functional.

Learn more about the cost that is charged for new air conditioners in Saskatoon.

The repair costs.

Most air conditioners have six major components that require being service. But these parts do not receive maintenance at the same time since some may need servicing done annually, others semi-annually and other times of the year. Therefore having an HCA technician check these parts of the device helps you save time and money since the technician can rectify the issue at an early stage before the device worsen.

Another essential thing to note is that extended use of the AC devices, some parts tend to wear out, and it is quite easy to get a fault at any time of the day with such devices. So, having a good AC contractor standby helps you get assistance in the case where you require emergency services from them. 

The extra services such as the emergency repairs are included in the signed contract although a customer may be charged higher prices on this. Just like other machines and devise, the ACs also have a life spun whereby they serve you for a given period before you replace them. A good AC will help you for about ten years, and within this time, you may still be spending on repair and other maintenance needs. Although some manufacturers claim that the device can last up to 15 years, stretching its usage up to this time can be confusing to the majority of them. 

Therefore when it gets to such a point, you need to consider your needs to determine if you want to continue to repair the old device or you have to buy a new one. At this stage, most devices will cause you to spend more especially in repair since they break down all the time plus the electric usage in the house may increase as well. The functioning of the device is something to worry about since most methods do not work better when they reach this stage.

The tipping point.

This is the point where the homeowner needs to determine whether to get rid of the old AC device due to the piling expenditure in its repair and other services. But if you are planning to move out to a new home or city, in few years, it is okay to repair the device and use it for that time being before you discard it when moving out of the current home.

The cost of purchasing a new AC unit.

Your location and your needs determine the cost of acquiring new AC. It is more expensive if you are planning to buy a new AC for your new home since you will spend in acquiring a new home plus the wiring and connections that will be done in the new house before fixing the Ac components. On the other hand, if you are still living in your Saskatoon home, you can opt to have the parts repaired which is much easier since most connections are done in the house plus, you will not incur extra charges in the household.

The typical cost of a new central air conditioner in Saskatoon

According to the home advisor Peg in Saskatoon, the average cost of installing a brand new residential air conditioning system in Saskatoon area is about 5,267 dollars. There are various things that are used to determine this cost, and they include;

Replacement of an existing system.

In this case, aside from worrying about if the unit will fit on the previous connection point, there are other worrying issues that you need to focus on. They include; if the system will provide the best cooling and heating services in the entire house just the old one.

Installation of the unit from scratch.

The installation of the unit from scratch will cost you more as opposed to replacement services. This is because there are various services such as the supply of lines and new ductwork that will be needed.

The level of quality.

The quality of the device you also choose matters since there are different devices on the market to choose from. The condition usually determines the price. So, if you want a high-end quality AC device, be prepared to spend a few more thousands than when buying a simple AC device.


The efficiency of the devices on the market fall under two categories of expenditure. If you want to purchase a low priced device, then you will end up spending more money in future when it comes to repairing and other services. But, if you choose relatively expensive equipment, rest assured that you will be saving up on future expenditures.

The price for installing a new system for your home depending on the system you buy and the home requirements vary from 1800 to 10 000 dollars in Saskatoon.

Energy efficiency.

Efficiency, especially in energy part, is one of the crucial areas that most people focus on. Aside from the cost, keep in mind that you will be using this device for the longest time and therefore you don’t need a system that will increase your electric bill. So, check out how much power consumption will be incurred in your home. The efficiencies focused on are;


Also referred to as season energy efficiency ratio, this is the factor that is used to compare different units. The comparison is made on the cooling rate of the Ac over the usual regional and seasonal cooling. Then you divide this by the energy consumed in watts hour. So, if you can afford it choose a unit with the highest number after doing the calculations.


Also referred to as energy efficiency ratio it is calculated based on the cooling units from the system assuming the cooling energy on the outside is about 95 degree, has a constant temperature of 80 degrees and humidity of 50 percent.

The brand names.

There are various brands on the market to choose from, and as the customer, you need to do proper research to select the best and most quality brand system to buy. But always make sure to choose a brand that will not give you issues when installing.