Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductees
Ralph Paige Florence Parker Robert D. Partridge Charles and Eva Rappaport
R. C. "Dick" Robertson Felix F. Rondeau Wilfred E. Rumble Aaron Sapiro
Michael Shadid Leo H. Shapiro Henry H. Schriver Douglas D. Sims
Vaughn O. Sinclair A.J. Smaby David Smith J. K. Smith
Frank Sollars Fernand St Germain Beryle E. Stanton Charles Stenholm
C. William Swank Walden Swanson & Kate Sumberg Emil A. Syftestad Katherine Whiteside Taylor
Charles C. Teague M.W. Thatcher Fred & Virginia Thornthwaite Allen Thurgood-Connolly
C.E. "Doc" Toland Gonze Lee Twitty