Contestant Collapse on Stage Causes Show-Stopping Performance

This week was unusual for the American Idol team and contestant. The much-revered singing competition saw a new twist of the event as a contestant collapsed right on stage before the judges gave their verdicts.


How It All Happened?

The contestant Funke Lagoke and Ronda Felton had just put on what they would have considered their best shot that night. However, it was during the tense moment leading to the judge’s verdict that Funke did not physically witness that all hell broke loose.

The bright performer ended up collapsing and hitting her face on the ground before Lionel Richie was able to deliver the final verdict. This eventually led the judges and the shocked Ronda to run to Funke’s rescue.

Funke was eventually rushed to the hospital while Lionel Richie did Ronda the honors of announcing that the joint contestants were through to the next part of the singing competition.

On receiving the news, Ronda was not able to react the way contestants are known to take such good news. She inferred that while this was something she wanted, she is more concerned about her fellow contestant.


What People Are Saying

Several public opinions think that there was nothing physically wrong with Funke. They claim that the intense atmosphere in such a singing audition can throw singers off balance. They claim that someone like Funke was not able to cope with the intensity of the environment, especially the fact that all her moments of preparation may amount to nothing if Lionel Richie said they were not through to the next round.

A contestant who has not been able to make the major leagues in the American Idols believes that “it is not out of place to say or think the fainting incident influenced the decision. This is because the decision was not clear and Lionel Richie was going to be a key decision-maker in their staying or going. I do hope Funke recovers and that they make every moment count in the competition”.