Finding love through online dating: myth or reality

Do you believe in love at first sight? We’ve all heard this at least once in our lives. Due to technology evolving, anyone can find love anywhere as far as they have an internet connection and a smartphone. Most people (including young adults and elderly) tend to try there luck online in other to seek a partner for a romantic escapade that will last only for a night. Others wish to meet that special one with who they will spend the rest of their lives. That been said, how efficient is this method?

What motivates people to turn to online dating?

There isn’t really a typical answer to this because the reasons for trying out online dating vary from one person to another. As stated previously, some are trying online dating for the fun of it and some for love. Another possible reason is that, some people do not feel comfortable with real life interactions and they feel better having a conversation with someone they can’t physically see. In other cases, the reason is related to their sexual preferences. Out of fear of being judged by society, some prefer the anonymity of dating apps. Today there are various speed date apps and websites suited for everyone, regardless of your sexual orientation. Read full article to find out basics.

What are the risks related to the use of dating apps?

Not all profiles are legit on dating apps or websites. One of the biggest risks is that your partner might end up not being who he pretends to be. Some people are on there just for foul play. Not being careful enough on those websites or apps may result in theft of your personal data. Also, in some cases, you might end up being harassed by someone that’s a little pushy.  You could also face some privacy issues and even have your account hacked. That’s why it is very important to make sure not to give out personal information to any stranger, unless you’re really sure.