The vegetarian market in China

Going vegetarian is a growing trend all over the world. China is indeed no exception to this trend. In fact, the market for vegetarian food is growing rapidly in China especially with the support of the government. In this article, we explore this market together.

The decline in meat consumption in china

For a very long time, China has been the largest meat consuming country in the world. In terms of average, a person consumes 44 kg of meat in the year 2020. This is actually a decrease since the average was higher. For more details, visit this site right here. With the evolution of the Chinese population's income, meat consumption has become a habit. In fact, it is eaten at every meal by the Chinese. However, there has been a big change in this respect with the production of plant-based meats. This change is rather bearish.

An overview of the Chinese vegetarian market

In most of the major cities in China, especially the top one, there are many restaurants. These are more specialised in selling vegetarian food made from plants. This actually proves the reduction of the meat consumption rate. This country already has more than fifty million vegetarians, which offers consumers who do not need to be convinced to eat meat. Although the Chinese are not overly fond of dairy products, if consumers cut back, there is a great opportunity for companies. This is for those specialising in the marketing of plant-based meats.

The rise of the vegetarian market

In many states, the vegetarian movement is often driven by younger consumers specifically teenagers. As these aim to raise awareness for this cause, Chinese youth are no exception. This allows us to estimate that the vegetarian market in China will grow by 17% in the coming years. In fact, this is already considered to be the highest growth rate in this field worldwide. With this development, the government will soon be able to reduce a large part of the meat consumption.