Joe Biden Says Security Officials Are True Heroes During Press Briefing on Colorado Attack

As things are, the state of Colorado is currently in a state of shock. This is in light of the incidence that saw an armed person shoot sporadically at unarmed civilians in the state of Colorado. The alarming fact is that this is not the only irrational gun violence issue the United States has had to face in recent times. The incidence in Georgia that saw some Asian Americans lose their lives is another example.


The Police Men and Women Are the True Heroes

While addressing the situation, the president of the United States did not mince words in appreciating the efforts of the security agents that did all reasonably possible to bring the calamitous situation to a standstill.

As a result, the suspect of the shooting incident has been apprehended and taken into custody. The president stressed that this is the first of many press briefings that will be addressing the incident in particular. He even went as far as saying the public may get more information from the White House later in the day or in the next few days.

While Joe Biden was emotional and unhappy about the loss of lives as a result of this human-caused disaster, he appreciated the police team for their bravery in the face of the danger they were faced with.

He went as far as stressing the fact that officers like Officer Tally are the bravest personalities in the nation. This is because every moment that pin their badges, they are willing to face the very height of danger in restoring law and order, as well as protecting lives and properties.

Officer Tally was a police officer that lost his life alongside 9 others who were casualties of the shooting incident outside a grocery store in the state of Colorado.


Drastic Measures Have to be Taken by the Senate

The President further explained that this incident and many others should make the Senate see reasons to address the loopholes in the Gun Market. This is so that incidences like this will not repeat themselves in the nation.


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