How to keep your e-reader safe?

Buying an e-reader may cost a lot, especially if you want a good and sophisticated one. You will ultimately want to keep it for years, but that it is easier said than done. Keeping an e-reader safe requires you to be careful and take good care of it, like a mother would do for her child. It is also not just about not throwing it as you would do for a book or watching over it every day; it is way more than that. So, here are our best tips for keeping an e-reader safe and making it last! Add prote... Read more

Aaptiv Is Taking Physical Health Maintenance to an All-New Level with Multiple Investors

Could you ever have imagined an investing collaboration between major players in the industry such as Amazon, Disney, Bolt, and a few other corporations? Well, this is the case with no other than Aaptiv – a gym app that allows users to exercise all by themselves.   Peculiarities of the Aaptiv App The Aaptiv app is peculiar in many regards. For one, it allows users to carry out various forms of physical drills without making use of videos. This is clearly against the practice of many other compet... Read more