How to keep your e-reader safe?

Buying an e-reader may cost a lot, especially if you want a good and sophisticated one. You will ultimately want to keep it for years, but that it is easier said than done. Keeping an e-reader safe requires you to be careful and take good care of it, like a mother would do for her child. It is also not just about not throwing it as you would do for a book or watching over it every day; it is way more than that. So, here are our best tips for keeping an e-reader safe and making it last!

Add protective cover and film

If you want your e-reader to be protected, the very first thing would be to find a cover that will suit it. In fact, e-readers are likely to take dust and look old when they are not well protected. It would be good to invest in a cover that perfectly fits your e-reader's model. If you want to know about it, you may check these news about e-ereaders.  
In addition to the cover, you may also buy a protective film for the screen in order to keep it from breaking down. As the touch is way more sensitive in this part of the machine, it will be beneficial to prevent little or big crashes. All these look like additional expenses, but it is worth it. 

Limit outdoor reading

Sun or water, though they are vital for human lives, might cause some damages to your e-reader. As you may know it, electronic devices do not like humidity. Just as reading under a burning sun is not good, both for your eyes and for the safety of your device. 
That being said, avoid leaving your e-reader in the garden, the kitchen or the bathroom! But if you own a waterproof and reading light machine, this is not a problem. But as long as the device you are using does not have those characteristics, keep on taking good care of it. 

Regularly clean and charge your e-reader

If mistakenly, you left food marks on your e-reader or left it in a dirty place, we highly recommend you to clean it fast. Actually, those little dirty things can quickly get inside such machines. So, clean your precious device with a plastic or wooden toothpick. Avoid metal no matter what! 
Moreover, letting your e-reader — or any other device — completely discharge is a crime against it. There is no harm in regularly charging your devices. You can also try to save the battery power by disabling WiFi, bluetooth or light when they are not needed. Your device will definitely last longer.

Do not dismantle the e-reader

Unless you are a technician, do not disassemble your machine, even if it has a problem. Instead, take it to after-sales service in order to repair it. If they cannot, then maybe it is time to purchase a new one. The other point you should take into account is the USB ports. 
Just because they can get repaired does not mean you should use them anyhow. While using the ports, be careful not to force. This can cause unsoldering or get crumbs inside the e-reader. Always being careful is the key.   
Finally, it is important to know that an e-reader can last 8 years if you take good care of it!

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