Aaptiv Is Taking Physical Health Maintenance to an All-New Level with Multiple Investors

Could you ever have imagined an investing collaboration between major players in the industry such as Amazon, Disney, Bolt, and a few other corporations? Well, this is the case with no other than Aaptiv – a gym app that allows users to exercise all by themselves.


Peculiarities of the Aaptiv App

The Aaptiv app is peculiar in many regards. For one, it allows users to carry out various forms of physical drills without making use of videos. This is clearly against the practice of many other competing apps in the market.

The reason for this is because the developers think that the use of Videos will obstruct the proper practice of the drills that will help users achieve their fitness goals. This is because users may be tempted to check their videos intermittently without achieving the required success required.

It is for this reason that the app makes good use of audio. Further, using this app is thrilling considering the detailed explanation of the physical drills, as well as the extensive use of music at every point in time.

Human kinetic experts that have taken a good look at the app have credited the developers for the good use of music. This is because music has been proven to help people doing exercises achieve their fitness goals better.


Several Investors Are Buying into Aaptiv’s Dream

As things are, the app does not have a problem winning over investors. This is because major technological and entertainment corporations like Amazon and Disney have jointly bought into the idea.

Furthermore, other investors like what Aaptiv has to offer and believe they can have a good piece of the pie.

The developers understand that they have several competitor apps but believe they will thrive in the market. This is even though Aaptiv charges a subscription while many of the competitor apps are free. The developers believe that the quality of the content will make Aaptiv stand tall among competitors.

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